About us

Welcome to our blog,

Its New year’s Eve 2015 and it seems the perfect time to update our profile.

Thank you for visiting Derwentvalleyphotography, we are a father and son team based in the North East of England just outside Newcastle upon Tyne.

We have now been running this blog for two years, how time flies when you’re doing something you enjoy. We’d just like to thank everyone who has participated in our journey so far. Every like, every comment and every follow is greatly appreciated. It has kept us going, it has pushed us to take more pictures, to go to more places and to practice what we love. So once again thank you.

But what now? Where should we go next? What should we try next? What should we start doing that so far we haven’t?

We’ve started to think commercial, is this the right decision. Is what we take commercial and if it is how and where should we be looking to sell our photos?

We have profiles on Flickr and Eyeem, (links below) but where else if anywhere should we be active?






All comments, suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Once again thank you for supporting us over the last 2 years.

99 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi Melgallegos,

    Thank you for Visiting our site also and for following us, its much appreciated :-).

    Thank you for your kind comments,

    Your picture of the 1962 IMPALA its amazing.

    1. Thank you for the comments, and your more than welcome to fill our inbox with likes there much appreciated and very well received :-). Lee uses a Nikon D5000 with various lens. Where as I use a multitude of different cameras depending on the shot and location.

  2. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  3. A very interesting blog with an amazing team!
    Thank you for stopping by @hadorable.
    Looking forward to your new créations!

  4. Cheers for the follow, much appreciated and welcome to my world. Your reason for blogging is to be commended and a great way to receive feedback too. Happy Blogging, MM 🍀

    1. Many thanks for the nomination, and your very kind comments, but for the time being while we get used to blogging and posting our pictures this isn’t something, we’er looking to participate in. Thank you once again for the nomination and very kind words 🙂

      Jimmy & Lee.

    1. Thank you so much for this nomination and for understanding our current position on awards, this is very much appreciated :-). We our extremely grateful for the thought and the intention to promote our blog and photos to others.

    1. I had to follow you after seeing your Dogs and Ducks post :-), the Fiat Multipla quote made me laugh.

      Thank you for your kind comment, much appreciated.


      1. I know, just never had the chance at the time. Always wanted to see hadrians wall, funny enough I follow national geographic on Instagram and one of their photographers posted a great shot of the wall just yesterday

    1. Thank you for returning the favor, much appreciated :-). So glad you like or pictures :-). Newcastle Quayside, with all of it bridges makes an easy target for the camera :-).

  5. Hey there Newbie Spikey!
    (for your info, a Spikey is the term for folk who are part of the clan known to be followers of Uncle Spike 🙂

    Thank you… I really appreciate that as I for one, know how many interesting and entertaining blogs are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at basic photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on the farm. Oh, plus a few observations, opinions and lighter-hearted stuff thrown in for good measure.

    I normally keep to a couple of posts a day, maybe 3-4 at weekends if I have something special to share. But if you are at a loose end one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too. I have added plenty of categories to help in said digging process.

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


    1. Thank you very much for nominating us for the versatility award, we are extremely grateful and over whelmed by you kind comments. Unfortunately this is something we are still not looking to participate in, although who knows what the future may bring. Once again thank you very much and we hope we continue to post pictures that you like and enjoy.

  6. Hi there, fantastic blog. I teach Photoshop over in Easington Colliery, if you need any resources or tutorials, I have a downloads page on my website if interested. I will place the link on my blog,

    1. Hi Dominic, Thank you very much for your kind comments, we’ll be sure to check out your website for useful hints and tips. Were always looking to learn new thing and techniques to improve our photos so thank you very much :-).

  7. Hello Jimmy & Lee,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following it 🙂

    Great to find beautiful images from a different part of the world, with two different perspective 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing and have a beautiful time 🙂

    1. Hi Sreejith

      your very welcome :-).

      Thank you for visiting our blog and for following us 🙂

      It really is amazing how the sometimes simple act of taking a picture and join so many people from so many different places together.


      1. You are absolutely right…

        This is a wonderful community and a great place to practice our skill.. I did learn quite a lot from the experts here 🙂

        Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

      2. I’m so glad at the start of the year we set this up, it has been a joy to see everyone’s differing tastes and interests across the world. the encouragement , comments and likes we have received been amazing.

        It really is a pleasure to be apart of.

  8. Hi there, thanks for liking my post on photography today on How to Be a Better Human. Your photos are lovely and I’ll be sure to see if they fit the future stories on my blog (with proper credit, of course). Thanks for your generosity!

    1. Hi Susan, your more than welcome, your post was very thought provoking. Its funny how the smallest, simplest things can instill the biggest reactions within people.

      We cant wait to see how you fit our photos in to a future story.

  9. I was wondering if peak district is considered as the Derwent valley as well ? I searched for peak district tag in your blog, but couldn’t find any, my geography is not that good and google map is confusing me a bit more.

    1. Hi Darwin, there’s two Derwent Valleys, theirs the more famous one which is in the Peak District and then there is the one in the North East where we live. Its runs from the River Tyne in Gateshead up high on to the Pennines on the North Durham Moors, following the flow of the River Derwent and includes the Derwent reservoir. Hope that helps.

    1. Your very welcome Treerabold. Thank you for the follow and the likes. Hope we continue to post pictures you enjoy. We will look out for your future posts with anticipation. :-).

    1. First off thank you very much Taylor, Much appreciated :-). We are humbled by your kind words and nomination.
      Up to this point we have always stated we weren’t sure about participating in the award process, but after discussing it we have decided that this time we will :-). The only issue we currently have is free time to dedicate to fulfilling the requirements. Hopefully we will be able to rectify this on Sunday.

  10. Great concept for a blog – a father / son team. And the pictures are excellent all the way around! I will be following to see more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too. That brought me here today. I always appreciate a visit. Come back anytime!

    1. Thank you Dennis, we both enjoy taking photos so this seemed the perfect way to show case them :-).

      Your very welcome, we will make sure we keep our eyes peeled for your future posts :-).

  11. I honestly didn’t look at your ‘About us’ page until just now and in some ways I kick myself for it but now I’m glad I did. I adore a father and son blog – the eyes of both, similar and yet beautifully different perspectives. What a great idea of expressionism. I’ll have to take more time later and delve a bit deeper but until then – keep your eyes and minds open, explore, shoot and capture.

    As for possible mistakes – I don’t believe they exist in photography, not really. To each their own and beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or that’s what’s been said) so capture what moves you both because there are no mistakes in doing so.

    I took a picture once while trying to figure out the settings on my camera and I originally looked at it as a mistake but have since found it to be one of my favorites – I’ll publish it shortly. You’ll know it if you look because it’s out of focus.

    Art can be many things but it’s how it makes us feel and ignites a passion to continue that’s most important and honestly there is no explanation or reasoning – and that’s a good thing.

    Jimmy and Lee – enjoy your journey, I look forward to more!


    1. Thank you very much Tish for your wonderfully kind words. You have no idea how much we appreciate your comment. It means a lot to us and keeps us motivated to continue and explore our passion for photography :-).

      We will certainly keep our eyes peeled for your “mistake” and all of your future posts :-).

      We hope we continue to post pictures you enjoy and provoke memories and emotions :-).

      Thank you once again,


    1. Thank you very much Madvanthi, we are greatly honoured with this nomination thank you.

      However having accepted one nomination we have decided the award process is something we do not want to participate .

      Once again thank you very much :-).

  12. Gosh, I am so glad you found the blog where I write about photography. Now I know about the two of you. Hey, a father and son team! That is great.
    I have only wandered through your site a bit so far, but I like what I see. I look forward to watching your growth in this exciting medium.

    1. I’m glad I liked your post and you commenting on my post. All comments and suggestion are greatly appreciated and taken on board for the future so thank you. Hopefully we will continue to grow and you will enjoy it :-). Here’s to the future.

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