Sycamore glow



8 thoughts on “Sycamore glow”

  1. Love the light. That Sycamore is quite iconic and always makes me smile as so often it a case of griamcing when the conservationists insist of felling Scyamores simply because they insist thaey are none native species….neither are Roses or Chestnut and numerous species for that matter but they are judged to be fine. Sorry that is a ‘soap box’ issue of mine.

    1. It was the perfect morning for it. Not to cold and better still not too many people. This was recently voted the nations favourite tree by the Woodland Trust.
      What gets me with this whole pursuit of removing non-native trees, Is they cut down huge swathes of forest, plant Oak and beech. Leaving nothing but total devastation for 20 -30 years while we wait for them to grow to replace the mature trees they cut down. All in the name of conservation. There doing it to a wood near our house nothing but mud and stumps were once there was trees.

      1. I have been involved with the conservation movement for many years at local and national levels. Whilst still being a nature lover and conservationist at heart and I hope by deed I no longer consider many of the Conservation groups and Charities fit for purpose. Constantly quoting ‘the science says’ mantra but forgetting all about common sense. Often creating wide areas of mono culture habitats on reserves which are as bad as the mono culture habitats created by the Shooting Estates on the moors. But don’t get me started as I can moan about the subject for hours. !!!

      2. I understand totally the reason for why they want to remove the non-native species of tree. Pine/Fur trees stop all light from reaching the ground which stops all life lower down I get it. However there is surly a better way of doing it then the wholescale destruction of an entire forest. With no prospect of the new trees replacing them for 20 – 30 years and that’s not taking in to account the lose percentage through disease, wild animals and the weather. In a time when conservationist are so concerned with deforestation and global warming it seems counterproductive to me to cut healthy trees down as there the wrong type.

      3. They used to thin…creating glades. Even so we still get Deer using the woods as they love the cover. But then again conservation interest say we need to cull. Kill, remove, destroy somehow to me that seems counter productive…..the old saying ‘a sledge hammer to crack a nut’ seems to come to mind

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