6 thoughts on “Sunset”

    1. Hi David I really don’t like what they have done to WordPress. Its completely ruining our experience when we post new images. I think in the New Year we may either close our blog or at the very least reduce the number of posts and delete our archive so we no longer need to pay for the additional space.
      So glad however you were able to look past the reader trim much appreciated. I’m really proud of this image its created the most feed back I’ve ever received online for an image.

  1. Its a great shot and I agree with the comments on the new reader and what it does to images. They should have left the old option available because its a far different experience than I enjoyed before. But again, really good work on this.

    1. Thank you Mike, so glad you like it even in the mire that now surrounds it. We were considering closing our blog before the update but now I think its inevitable. We have found 500px and that showcases photography so much better than this does now.

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