King Vulture



10 thoughts on “King Vulture”

      1. Yes, they certainly do that well.. Your pictures capture it so well.. I just wish me and my little camera could do 1/4 as well, but our feathered friends of the sky fly away too fast for me.. I did how ever catch one on the railing of my deck the other day, taking a little bath… I was so pleased, while shooting through my patio glass door.. thank heavens the light was just right so as not to cast a glare..

        Laura 🙂

      2. I must confess these are captive birds taken at the National Centre for Birds of Prey using a Nikon D7200 and a Tamron 150-600 lens. I tried at the start of the year to get a few pictures of wild golden eagle and buzzard shots on the Isle of Skye but couldn’t get close. I love my wildlife photography but sometimes i’m far to impatience.

      3. I use to own a Minolta camera with many telescopic lenses and many filters… It was my joy to learn and use such a camera that I bought for around 200.00 dollars back in the seventies.. in the late eighties my baby daughter pulled on the camera strap I left hanging over the counter and down it went.. to the graveyard of cameras.. I couldn’t afford to replace it since the cost of cameras skyrocketed, so I adore the pictures others take with theirs… I try my best with my little fujifilm I purchased when the Target stores all closed after opening a year prior in Canada.. Wal-Mart was to victor in the department store race here..

        Oh and if you ever do get that shot of the golden eagle and buzzard I’d love to see that, indeed so…

        Laura 🙂

      4. I chose a terrible career path working within the Food industry as an auditor. Unfortunately this has led to me being made redundant twice in 10 years. However with the redundancy money it has let me buy a whole load of kit :-). Which having slipped and nearly lost it to the sea I’ve insured the lot :-). Couldn’t afford to replace it other wise. Photography has to be one of the most expensive hobbies to have. The camera however has little to do with the quality or meaning behind a photo that comes from the person behind the shot. At least that’s what I think anyways. Hopefully i’ll be able to take another trip to Skye at the beginning of next year, Thailand is my next destination in November, so here’s hoping for some cracking photo opportunities there.

      5. You know you’re absolutely right in saying it’s the person behind the camera. You have to have an eye for the shot you chose to take… Thank you for reminding me of this.. My son all the time tells me that’s a good shot, mom…

        Looking forward to your Thailand trip


      6. I’ve said it a few times on here, people seem to forget that the camera only takes shots of what its pointed at. If the person behind the camera doesn’t have a eye for it then no matter the money spent it’ll never take a good picture for you. I cant wait.

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