Change of pace, I have thousands of photos still to go through from my recent trip to the Isle of Skye. So as to stop people getting bored I’ve decided to post a few from my visit to Woodhorn Colliery which was hosting a bird of Prey display.


19 thoughts on “Caution”

      1. I used to have some Red Shouldered Hawks that would land in my Neighbors fence and in an old dead tree at the bottom of our yard. They haven’t been back in a while although I still hear them from time to time. I never did get a decent shot of them. So hard to get close without being noticed haha.

      2. We have a number of Red Kites that live in the same valley as our house. I’ve still never managed to get any decent photos of them. Whenever they’ve been low enough to photograph I’ve been heading to work. We also used to have Barn owls living in the fields near by until the tree they rousted in fell in a storm. These are all captive birds.

      3. I figured they were. I see hawks and Osprey (we live on the coast) flying around all the time when I am driving. It so frustrating. Pelicans are about the only bird that will sit still for me haha. I have heard some Owls in our neighborhood and a neighbor had one in his back yard but I have yet to see one.

      4. I’ve got a trip planned to some islands off the North East coast in May to go see the Puffins :-). I can not wait. I tried desperately when I was on Skye to capture the Birds of Prey there but kept making amateur mistakes and chasing them away. Least I have a really good excuse to go back. Wildlife Photography is something I really want to get in to just need to learn to be more patient.

      5. I can relate to that completely. I get to excited and scare away what ever animal I am trying to get shots of. Patience is a virtue I need more of haha. I look forward to you posting some shots from the trip!

      6. You know your having a bad day when you line the shot up, then wonder why the viewfinder is black. Then realize the lens cap is still on and in the process of removing it your in tended target fly’s off :-(.

      7. Yeah I get that rush pretty much with every shot I line up and it usually results in something stupid happening like the camer is set wrong or the lens cap is on or the camera is off haha.

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