21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion”

      1. You are welcome! I suppose less is more – or I happen to think so. Either way, I do look forward to seeing the others in due time.

      2. It’s exciting when you know you’ve done well and you cannot wait to share – yes?

        I don’t know for sure – play around with some ideas and then when you’re ready, share and be proud because I’m excited for you. Partly envious too as I’ve been practicing the same technique and haven’t quite gotten to the point of being satisfied with what I’ve come up with. All in time and with due diligence.

      3. It’s very satisfying that’s for sure :-). Makes the walking and the practice and the returning back to the same place all worthwhile :-).

        The is my first real success, I need to find somewhere else to try again and hopefully get it to work successfully :-).

    1. I’ve tried doing it without a tripod as well with little success, but I don’t really like carrying one around with me, so it’s rare that I get the silk affect. I’ve just bought myself a new tripod and I think it might be to heavy for me to carry round in long walks. We will see.

      Thank you :-).

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