Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside – The Mist

I know I’ve already posted these pictures, but I think they fit perfectly within this challenge. I felt completely enveloped in the mist, as if i was inside another world. The rest of the North East was enjoying a glorious sunny day while Hadrian’s wall looked like this at Housestead.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside – The Mist”

    1. To start off with I was massively disappointed, the weather the previous day had been lovely and warm and sunny and i was hoping for the same.The aim of the day was to get grand vistas of the Northumberland countryside. To the point I actually got back in the car and left but changed my mind and decided to persevere, i’m so glad i did. it was so atmospheric and thought provoking. So glad you like the shots :-).

      1. I understand your disappointment. I usually go out with a pre-conceived idea of what I will be shooting on a certain day and even though you are faced with a fantastic opportunity (such as this) it is disappointing as it doesn’t fit what you went out to capture. In saying that, I’m so glad you stuck it out through the disappointment and got these shots, they are fantastic!

      2. I would have thought nothing of it, if the day before hadn’t have been such a lovely spring day. Warm, bright and sunny a complete break from the awful wet weather we’ve suffered this winter. But to get up there and it be so vile it was so a disappointment. I’m glad I did as well as it give my the opportunity to explore other possibilities. Thank you so much for your kind comment its much appreciated :-).

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